Dear Friends,

If anyone in this village is committed to it's development, I would motivate that person to contribute in the area of education.

We often see there is a huge difference between city and village schools. Is it not important that there should be no distinction in child's education? The Good Harvest School is the first such step in this direction. We publicly support this school and believe that it will be extremely beneficial for our children. A good school not only changes the identity of it's children but also the identity of the entire village. We hope that the idea and firm resolution upon which The Good Harvest School is founded will help the development of this village.

As being the Pradhan of this village I am very glad to announce that we all are firmly resolved to contribute to this school. And I request you all to contribute in every possible way. Partnering with us today will change the life of the children in our village.


Seema Tiwari