Barely 47% of children in class 5 could read a class 2 level text. Even after so many years of independence, we struggle to provide good education system to our children. We focus more on enrollment and dropout rates while not enough has been done to examine the quality of education.

India's Report Card: PASHCHIM GAON

A small village in Uttar Pradesh is the true report card of India’s rural progress. It houses only Scheduled Caste families, and struggles with high dropout rate, open defecation and inequality.


More than loans or start-up grants the village needs a better education system. We believe education can break the cycle of gender discrimination and give hope to the girls for the future.

The Good Harvest School


A girls’ school in a village focused to give exceptional educational opportunities for the less fortunate. Our aim is to transform the current education system in villages. Clearly we have different visions for a girl born in a city and a farmer’s daughter in a village. At The Good Harvest School, an all-girls' environment will provide a wonderful opportunity for girls to explore who they are as young women without social pressure. We seek to establish strong bonds of connections between the girls, to open up and share their feelings and empathize with one another. Our aim is to offer a comfortable learning atmosphere with strong female role models as their positive mentors, equipping our students to adapt to the ever changing demands of the world.

The Good Harvest School will be a non-profitable learning center for all its students.


At The Good Harvest School, we are not limiting ourselves to the books. To bring a true change in the lives of our students we need to give them a safe and encouraging environment, not just at the school but inside their homes and in the neighborhood as well.

A. Good School

Our aim at the school is not to let fees come between village girls and good education. We intend to give our students the same opportunity as that of upper middle-class city children.

B. Good Parenting

In villages, a father spends marginally less time with his children, raising children is a mother’s role. On the other hand, it is a mother who passes on most of the gender inequalities among her children. We believe it is important for us to address such issues.

C. Good Community

One of the many ways we plan to serve the community is by organising social gatherings at the school premises. Farmers’ meet, open library for all, movie screening are some of the initiatives school will host on a regular basis.


Agriculture, with its allied sectors, is unquestionably the largest livelihood provider in India, more so in the vast rural areas. It also contributes a significant figure to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Sustainable agriculture, in terms of food security, rural employment, and environmentally sustainable technologies such as soil conservation, sustainable natural resource management and biodiversity protection, are essential for holistic rural development.The need of the hour is to introduce innovative and new techniques of farming and expose the girls to scientific learning and improved farming practices so that the known problems faced by their family would not deter them from continuing their family profession.

At The Good Harvest School an open space is provided for students to learn about good farming practices. The students get a hands on experience in preparing seed beds, grow a variety of saplings/seedlings in nursery and become aware of the know-how of new-age agriculture.


India’s first school where students will be exposed to intensive agricultural practices. The agri-field will give experience in preparing seed beds and know-how of the new-age agriculture.

Sports & Music Center

At The Good Harvest School we are keen to develop a good facility for sports and music. These activities are rare to find in rural schools, and often neglected by parents as well.

Open Library

The school will have an open library culture. Students from other villages and different schools will be welcomed and given an opportunity to gain knowledge from over 5,000 books.

Volunteer Programme

Our volunteer program will bring global education standards to our students. Apart from hosting regular volunteers at the school, we’ll encourage our students to volunteer as well.

After School Programs

At The Good Harvest School our aim is to use our infrastructure to the fullest. School will host regular farmers’ meet, movie screenings, language class and computer classes in evenings.

100% Non-Profitable

The Good Harvest School is a charitable school. We are determined to give quality education in the rural India regardless of caste, community, creed and religion.

We need you

According to a rough estimate, the amenities we want to provide here today, will take about 20 years to reach in this village if no such initiative is taken. But you can be the catalyst of change, so that the village children can have a fair chance to grow and learn.